Calypso Grows!

Hey Gamers! Calypso Esports is setting fire to the gaming world and has some exciting new things happening! The Calypso family recently grew bigger as well as we welcomed the FazeBears OverWatch team into the org!! Welcome FazeBears!!! Stay up to date and follow us on Twitter @CalypsoEsports.

In other news, Team Terminus has been competing and is setting up to go to the playoffs in the Prospect Overwatch Tournament! Go Team Terminus!

Team Genesis is preparing a couple scrim matches this week against the FazeBears our new Inter org team and another outside org on Thursday Night 7/2 as they practice and get prepared for the next round of the UGC OverWatch League Tournament!! Lets get it Genesis!!

A New Team Appears!!! Team Kraken is actively launched and is seeking players for their sub roster! Check out our Discord/Website for more information if you're seeing this post on the various Social Medias!

Team Cerberus is only seeking a Support player for their roster after welcoming in BrokenTime! Welcome BrokenTime! Any players interested in some sub positions can check out the site below.

Looking for Help! Calypso Esports also has an exciting position opened up and is looking for a dedicated caster for tournaments and events! Looking for a positive mental attitude and someone with experience in Overwatch. Check out the job board if you or someone you know might be interested!!


~Trixie is tired and is going Nap Nap

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