Calypso opening our doors!

Calypso eSports Org. [PC] [ANY RANKS] [NA] [18+] Licenesed eSports Lounge for PC players to connect, group up , and find friends. Calypso was founded 2019 and strives to build a non- toxic friendly enviroment for all PC gamers to enjoy! Calypso hosts 3 Semi-Pro Overwatch teams, and is always scouting for new teams to take in for Sponsorship. What we offer- -Twitch Team and in house Artists. -Professional Overwatch Coaching. -LFG and LFT Channels. -Minecraft hosted server of our own. -Ark hosted server of our own. -Organized and developed website with interfaces. -Inter and Outside Scims and updated list of upcoming available. -Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Paladins, Elder Scrolls, No Mans Sky and D&D grouping and channels. -Friendly Management willing to take time to hear everyone out! Join Calypso and make friends, memories, and show the world who you are!

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