Calypso's Spooky Showdown

Calypso looks forward to the start of the annual Calypso Spooky Showdown! Lower Elo teams from all over battle over taking the point, or pushing the payloads.

At Calypso we believe in...

Community - Be a team of heroes

Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Captain Price and Soap. Kratos and Atreus. Commander Shepherd and the crew of the Normandy. Mario and Luigi.

All heroes need a hand. Whether you’re looking for someone to join your next TDM or another villager to go fishing with, you’ll find a community in Calypso. We are stronger together.

Commitment - Walk the hero’s path

Your princess is in another castle!

Calypso is all about reaching that next level, and part of our goal is to help you reach your next level too. We know you’re training to improve your K/DA or to get one second faster on that next run. We’re on your side. Your journey is our journey.

Creation - Leave a hero’s legacy

A hero need not speak. When you are gone, the world will speak for you.

Everyone brings something to the table. Practice your craft, be yourself, and we’ll raise you up for everyone to see.

To Sign up please RSVP with this link. You will then receive a email with further instructions! See you on the payload!

SIGN UP AS A TEAM NOT INDIVIDUAL !  All teams MUST join the Calypso Server dedicated to our hosted Tourneys at and select appropriate roles. Team Captains or Reps will then be required to make a ticket to finish the sign up process.  Please sign up and list the starting 6 members, plus 2 subs. --Lower Elo Team Division 1, 1000-2000 Team Average SR, Division 2, 2000-3000 Average Sr.  $ Tourney-- Division 1, 1000-2000 Team Average SR Division 2, 2000-3000 Average Sr.   BROADCASTED LIVE AT This tournament is only open for players in these regions: United States of America - Other Roster size: 6 + 2 Subs Roster lock (2-2-2): On Hero bans: None Single Elimination, Best Of 1 except for Final Game Final Game: Best of 5 Maps Map Rotation: Map Rotation will be Determined at time of each match, loser picks next map.  1st Map- Escort 2nd Map- Control  3rd Map - Hybrid  4th Map - Assult  5th Map - Losers Choice All 5 maps will be played reguardless of outcome.  In the event of a tie in any of the maps, Nepal will be  played to determine the winner. All games will be played on NA servers. All players must treat each other respectfully. Any  misconduct will be dealt with through an admin's decision for  disqualification. Posting explicit content into Discord, strong  language, hate speech, racism, or sexism is not allowed in any aspect of  this tournament and will result in an immediate ban. ALL ADMIN DECISIONS FINAL All team captains must add BattleKitt3n#1214 to be invited when its your round. Pre-Game Rules and Setup

  • Ruleset: Competitive          

  • Kill-cam: OFF

  • Max Spectators: 0

  • Skins Allowed

  • Map Options

  • Map Control Point: All

  • Return to Lobby: After a mirror match

  • Left team hosts Lobby, Right team picks side

No Show Policy Every team will be given the opportunity to show up to their match, we require that you be online at least 30 minutes prior to the tournament in order to check-in. If you are not online and checked in at that time, we will  forfeit your team. Every team will have to check-in to their matches  within 10 minutes of them becoming available.  Play your match as soon  as it is ready. Disconnections If a team suffers a disconnection in the first 60 seconds of a match, the match will be sent back to the lobby. Teams may not use auto-pause. The player will be given 5 minutes, from when the teams are back in the lobby, to reconnect. Once they reconnect, the game may be restart. If they do not reconnect within 5 minutes, the team must play on with only 5 players. If players disconnect from the game after the initial 60 seconds, teams may pause for a maximum of 3 minutes, and then must continue to play with their 5 players if their disconnected player has not reconnected. Players can be substituted between maps but not during a map. Software If it is apparent that any manipulations of in-game software is occurring, that team will be banned permanently from any future events, and any/all information we have regarding this will be forwarded to Blizzard. Battlefy will also be notified for future events. If a team is caught abusing glitches, bugs, etc., to gain an advantage, they will be auto-disqualified. ALL ADMIN DECISIONS FINAL Captains can report their team's score.

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