Calypso Team Try-Out Form

Thank you for your interest in being apart of the Calypso eSports Overwatch team!

The purpose of this form is to collect basic information needed for data collection purposes for Calypso eSports. It will take about 8-10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to provide your Discord and usernames as well as your preferred roles and SR for those roles. You will also be asked a few questions regarding in-game behaviors. (Friendly reminder that to be eligible to participate in tournaments, your Overwatch career profile must be on public. Otherwise, you should have your profile visible for your in-game friends!)

Upon completion of this form, management will reach out to you to set up a time for your try-out. 

The group stage of your try-out will likely be during the team's scheduled practice time. You will join the discord voice chat and the team will invite you to a quick play game. If you are trying our for a new team, you, along with the other players, will be in a Discord voice channel and be placed into a custom game, where you will be playing against a current Calypso team. Your assessor will put you into tentative groups and adjust the players as they see fit. You will be evaluated based on your ability to communicate with your team which includes, but is not limited to: calling targets/flanks, suggesting team comps, suggesting hero switches, and calling for regroups/pushes. You will also be assessed on your ability to receive constructive feedback during and after games. 

Once you have completed both portions of the try-out, you will be placed onto a team. If a team within your SR range is currently full, we will speak with you regarding other options for participation. 

Other requirements to be apart of a team:
1. NO TOXICITY. Rude comments, offensive language, passive-aggressive remarks, or other unprofessional attitudes will not be tolerated. 
2. OPEN COMMUNICATION. Communicate with your captains/managers if you are unable to make it to practice. If you have any issues regarding other players, please seek out your captains/managers to resolve the issue as fast as possible. 
3. TIME COMMITMENT. You should be able to commit 2 to 3 days a week (approx. 2 hours each) to team practices. Inter-organizational scrims and tournaments will typically be held on weekend afternoons/evenings.

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